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Qigong is a Chinese cultural heritage, a system of movements, postures, breathing exercises and meditation used for health, spirituality and a complement to martial arts. Its roots are with traditional Chinese medicine, philosophy and martial arts which can be traced more than 4000 years back in time. Qigong is based on traditional Chinese medicine, the five elements, the Yin-Yang theory, a holistic view of the body and the meridian system. Above all it is a way to nurture Jing (the essence), Qi (the life force) and Shen (the mind).

There are many different forms of Qigong in China but the basic principles are the same; to focus attention, correct the body posture and to regulate the breathing. Qigong is considered to enhance the body’s own ability to preserve health, fight disease and give a longer and happier life.

The purpose of the Swimming dragon exercises is rejuvenation and a longer life. The method is a very old form of Qigong within the Daoist tradition. The form, reminiscent of a swimming dragon, is comfortable to perform and easy to learn. It helps stretching and strengthening the body and is traditionally considered to correct the kidney system and have good effects on the intestinal organs. Regular Swimming dragon training is considered to give a healthier skin and help with weight loss according to Chinese tradition.


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Swimming Dragon Qigong

Hun Yuan (heaven and earth) Qigong is an old, traditional Qigong form which has been kept secret, taught only to the initiated, until very recently. The compressed form that is taught in this course was created by the Grand Master Feng Zhiqiang who inherited the tradition from his own masters.

The 15 movements from the ancient form appears simple but offers the possibility to absorb energy from the air, the trees and nature; from the heaven and the earth. The form is based in traditional Chinese medicine, the body meridians and corresponding acupuncture points. Hun Yuan Qigong is suitable for all ages. 

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Meditation Qigong is an introductory course to relaxation of the body, mind and feelings through natural, static positions. The students learn different standing, sitting and lying meditation techniques. Within meditation Qigong the goal is to reach a meditative state yet still be conscious, which creates a better balance between mind and body. From this flows inner peace, a natural flow of qi and a calmer inner dialogue. Meditation Qigong is suitable for all ages. 

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Hun Yuan Qigong

Meditation Qigong